Dawn Gulino Photography

Long Weekend in Seattle

In April, 2013, I visited Seattle for the first time. I had wanted to head up there for quite a while and when an opportunity arose, I took it.

There was the normal Seattle “rainy days”, but a few days were quite clear and sunny. The rainy days were cold, but when the sun was out, it was nice and I can see why people fall in love with this city. On our last day there, we headed to Safeco Field to take in a Mariners game on a beautiful day.


While walking by the water, I came across these two yellow adirondack chairs that popped in the overcast day.

Yellow Adirondack Chairs, Seattle

When the sun came out the next day, I headed back to the same spot and came across some great puddle reflections.

Ferris Reflection Seattle Washington


Seattle Reflection


Seattle Ferris Wheel

Alexis Hotel

Alexis Hotel a Kimpton Hotel

Safeco Field and the Seattle Mariners

Safeco Field, Seattle

  World Famous Farmers Market!

Farmer's Market Seattle

Seattle’s Space Needle

Seattle Space Needle

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