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Pinnacles National Park Star Trails

This past Saturday night was a late night for me getting home at 3:00 AM. A group of us went to Pinnacles National Park with Aperture Academy to shoot star trails. The moon was one day shy of being full, the sky was clear and stars were out, temperature was perfect, and the bats were out!

Pinnacles, Star Trails, Nighttime photography

My first star trail photograph at Pinnacles National Park

We hiked up to a location with Stephen and Ellie from Aperture Academy and set up as the sun was setting getting ready for the night’s shoot. Given the brightness of the moon, we were able to use a relatively low ISO during our shoot. For those interested in the details, the image below was taken at 15mm (Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5) with  a Nikon D7100. It’s 38 images with a 1 minute exposure each at f4.5 and an ISO of 500. I am excited to go back to that location to try my hand at this again.



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